How does it work?
Groom Mates work without motors or cords. Simply insert the
cutting head into your nostril or ear. While holding the trimmer
steady with one hand, use the fingers on your other hand to
twist the bottom barrel slowly back and forth.

Are they safe to use?
The precision cutters are designed so that they never come
in contact with the delicate skin in your nose or ears.

Does it hurt?
Groom Mate is designed to provide pain free trimming. Simply
rotate the blades back and forth slowly and gently and they should
work effortlessly at removing unwanted hair.

Why do Groom Mates cost more?
The quality of our trimmers far surpasses the quality of the
battery-operated trimmers that are made in China. With theirs,
you need to constantly repurchase them as they are poorly made.
Groom Mates are built to last for a very long time and so you actually
will save money in the long run. Click HERE to watch an interesting video
about "Planned Obsolescence".

How do I care for my Groom Mate?
Instructions are included on the package.

Are Groom Mates backed by a guarantee?
Click here to read more.

Are Groom Mates durable?
As long as you treat your Groom Mate carefully, it should work properly
for many years. Due to the delicate nature of the cutting head, please
be sure to keep from banging it against any hard surface as this can
damage the cutters, in some cases rendering them inoperable.